Café Carbòn Zuid

This is a great steakhouse in the Netherlands. You don’t need to travel far as there are three Café Carbòn restaurants in Amsterdam, van woustraat, zuid and in the Jordaan.

We have been to the restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid multiple times. There are parking spots on the streets and it is easy to reach by public transport.

The restaurant looks cosy, a bit manly. The ventilation system word very well because you don’t smell like grilled meat after dinner. There are menu young guests here and there was a nice atmosphere. A bit noisy but pleasant. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

The steak tartare is delicious. I can easily eat 2 portions of these. The steak was also very well-prepared, and the portion size was quite big to my surprise! It was nice medium rare per my request. There were very little chewy parts of meat that I couldn’t eat. My husband doesn’t have this problem, but I am a bit sensitive to chewy meat, I just can’t swallow it when it stays like a ball in my mouth.

I really liked the knives they provide. I am terrible at cutting my meat with regular knives and these were perfect. No annoying screeching sound and muscle pain the day after.

After the starter and main course I was quite full already, I shared a desert with my husband.

The personnel is very friendly, and the prices as well.

Café Carbòn Zuid
Amstelveenseweg 312, 1076 CS Amsterdam
+31 20 233 0796

Food: 7
Service: 7+

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