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Restaurant and bar Atelje

We decided to choose a restaurant close by for dinner because it was raining. Atelje in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was just few metres away from our apartment. Initially we wanted to go to a fast food chain, but after eating so much pastry during the day we didn’t want to clog up even more.

We had noticed that Elodie liked to go out for dinner. She would be trying different foods and textures which were served, and she likes to explore new the surroundings.

Delicious squid

Local products
Atelje is led by the young and innovative chef Jorg Zupan. He was sitting in a corner of the restaurant with many cooking books and trying new dishes with local products. This was very intriguing to see.

Initially we thought we could have a 2-course dinner for 18 euros, but we later found out that it was for lunch only. We went for a 5-course surprise menu, which was 57 euro per person. They even have 12-course menus for people who really want to indulge.

The restaurant looked nice and tidy. A bit modern industrial and it was a bit darker inside. The slogan “Simple, but refined” reflects their concept, as demonstrated in the restaurant’s interior and their culinary creations.

The courses were pretty good. The only thing which took us aback was that they served 2 vegetarian courses. For us 1 vegetarian course would be acceptable, but 2 was too much. At home, we have vegetarian days. But when we go out for dinner we love to eat meat and fish.

What really stood out was the first course containing squid. We have never eaten it prepared in such a way. It was nice and soft, so delicious. The ingredients together made it really stand out. Also, the smoked olive oil was very special. It really tasted smoked in the mouth. This was a funny sensation in the mouth. Elodie didn’t like it that much, it requires a bit of an acquired taste. That piece of bread with smoked oil was politely given back to me.

Very friendly
The staff was very sweet for Elodie. By far the most interacting with her from what we have encountered in Ljubljana. The waitress would hold Elodie’s hand to walk her through the restaurant. She was allowed to look into the kitchen to greet the cooks, and walk behind the counter. Comfortable high chair available. This place is very child friendly which is a big plus. No diaper change area available.

Food: 7
Child friendly: 8.5

Restaurant and bar Atelje
Nazorjeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 308 19 07

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