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This one-star restaurant in Dilsen – Stokkem, Belgium, was the last restaurant we had been to in my pregnancy. My due date is in the breeding of Februar. There is a parking area in front of the restaurant which was perfect.

Restaurant and hotel
Marianne and Alex Clevers run this restaurant and hotel. During the warmer days it is possible to sit on the terrace outside. It gives you a wonderful view of the beautiful surroundings.

It is also possible to rent the location for your festivities, like a gathering or wedding. Being able to stay the night is nice for guests coming from far, or if you want to spend your wedding night here.

Taxi service
For the guests who like to drink a few glasses of wine, or who are less mobile, there is a taxi service within a radius of 20 kilometres.

Excellent tastes
The courses were very well presented and tasted good. They prepared some other courses for me as I couldn’t eat everything being pregnant. I didn’t get the feeling I was missing out a lot.

Instead of an alcohol free cocktail, I got another alcohol free drink. It was more like a cava, for people who like this, it was much like the real deal.

The waiters were professional and friendly. When we asked for coffee, we didn’t get the friandise. We had to ask for it specifically, which was a bit disappointing, maybe it’s because we booked a discounted menu. We would come back again though, the dishes were very good.


Food: 8
Service: 7.5

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