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Notube Eating school day 8

It was interesting to see how all parents were more relaxed today. As if the day off showed us that we can go out, have a fun day and everybody will survive.

Most children also stabilized in weight, and they are making improvements. For many parents, including us, the day off was actually the first day in our life as parents, where we did ‘normal’ parent stuff. Hearing how other parents experienced this was recognizable.

Some mums also talked about not being understood by their environment. Their worries or feelings are minimalized or not taken seriously. Paediatricians at home telling them to wait until their child is 2, and he would start eating, at 2 years old they were told to wait until he was 4, at age 6 they still didn’t see any improvement. Their last resort was NoTube.

Or families who want to tube wean their child as soon as possible and the paediatricians at home telling them their child is only 2 years old, and they don’t need to tube wean so early, just wait until they are 5 years old. They’ve got plenty of time, and shouldn’t worry.

Eating with daddy

Sometimes I really feel that paediatricians just stick a tube in a child because it’s the easiest option. We are lucky it didn’t happen to us. Certainly sometimes it’s necessary, but there should also be a plan about tube weaning as well. With NoTube’s >94% tube weaning and learning to eat success rate, it shows that it is possible. For me those stories were incomprehensible, the sad part is that the NoTube team hears this all the time.

Elodie was just being her usual self today. Tremendously interested in playing around. But we felt more okay with how she was doing on her own. She made steps and is sipping and snacking. It is also difficult to let go of the anxiety, she isn’t eating enough, she lost weight, will she lose more at home etc. Its unfortunate that by the time you feel more relaxed (although the anxiety is still lingering around), you are painfully aware that the NoTube EAT Campus is coming to an end soon.

The team is so wonderful, so human, you really feel their warmth and that they want the best for your child and your family.

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