About us

I am K.Lo, born in the Netherlands with Chinese roots, my husband is from Belgium, thus Rice & Fries. We are living in the Netherlands.

Our daughter, Elodie, was born with an eating disorder. She was later diagnosed with infantile anorexia and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). It has been quite a journey, and we are not there yet, but we are making little steps. We want to give you a peek into our life with a special needs child.

Also, we love good food and we love fine dining. Going out to restaurants or travelling with a child is a bit more challenging, but we want to share our experiences. Luckily most restaurants are very child friendly.

When we first started this bottle and food refusal journey with our child I was scavenging on Google about eating disorders in young children. I felt incredibly lonely in this world of normal eating children, and I was looking for families who were experiencing similar problems. I was very happy with whatever I could find online.

I hope this website helps other parents with special needs children, by showing you how we try to make the most of it. It’s not easy, and you are not alone. ❤️

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For more information or if you have questions you can contact me at riceandfriesfamily@gmail.com