Hi there! Through this website we want to give you a peek in our lives as special needs parents of a toddler who has no interest in food and doesn’t want to eat.

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Under family life, you will find posts about the three of us, and how we are trying to cope with our toddler’s eating disorder. The impact infantile anorexia has on our daily lives, and what sort of treatments she has had and its results. 👨‍👩‍👧

One of our guilty pleasures is going to restaurants, specifically, fine dining. We started doing this again with our wee little girl after treatment at NoTube. Eating out is also part of her therapy and development, and we want to share our experiences of visiting restaurants with a toddler. 🍜

City trips and travelling with a child is so much different when compared to life before kids, especially if they have special needs. But it’s possible and fun. It just needs a bit more planning. Although my husband tells me we are never going abroad again before each trip. Oopsie. 🛩ī¸