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NoTube Eating school day 12 (chapter 2)

The last day. This eating school went really fast! Maybe because we were able to enjoy and appreciate it even more. We can look back and say that this time we can go back home without anxiety. We are okay on our own, and will continue to make steps. We will let her self regulate and try to let go even more.

During Elodie’s graduation they mentioned again that we as a family have made so much progress. I will be in contact with Dr. Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer through the ticket system during our aftercare period. I will really miss this family. I gave her a big hug when we left, and Elodie did as well. We are so grateful to have met these wonderful people. Not only for helping Elodie, but also healing us as parents.

One of the French families was quite emotional about leaving. Their 2 year old little boy is making progress so they are happy, but the feeling of leaving this safe environment and to go back home is overwhelming. We really relate to how they feel, it is very similar to how we were last year October when we were at NoTube. Our kids really got along, and they will certainly miss each other.

All children were tube free, and making progress. The kids without tube are trying more foods and are working on their sensory development. One boy who was severely handicapped got a lot of extra therapy during the eating school, and he made a few steps. Hopefully he will also improve while at home.

The eating issues won’t be fully solved in 2 weeks, but the seeds to a normal eating pattern are planted. The aftercare will support us in the next steps. They daily contact is so valuable because every day, and the things you stumble upon daily are different. To get feedback that you can use immediately is priceless.

Our goodbye to opa Dr. Scheer

Elodie somehow felt that this was the last day because she was saying she wants to go to school tomorrow too. It was a great environment for her to improve her eating skills and to develop as a child. Elodie’s best pals here didn’t want to leave either and they kept hugging each other.

Together with the French family we stayed a bit longer after the graduation and we had a little lunch together. Their little boy ate a little and Elodie was actually eating quite well. We have noticed that she is trying more different foods on her own and I am not trying to feed her as much so she has more autonomy.

It was good to see that so many Corona measures were taken at NoTube. One of the employees had sick children and then became sick herself (just a regular flu). Even when she got better they told her to stay at home for the remaining days as they didn’t want to take the risk. There wasn’t a big graduation but individual graduations with the team in the consultation room. Face shields or mouth masks were worn the entire day except while eating, and temperatures and health was checked every morning.

This eating school was really good for Elodie because it really boosted her eating development. She tried multiple new foods every day, and shows more interest in food. We weren’t able to achieve this the last few months at home. She did make steps, but not as quick as during this eating school. Also seeing that she is able to self regulate better than before it is easier for me to relax a bit more. As parents we have learned many new things about Elodie’s eating behaviour and disorder. Understanding it better makes it more tangible. We are really glad we were given the opportunity to come here again.

I have deep respect for the NoTube pediatricians. They are philanthropic people, the organisation is a non profit, so the employees, rent etc. gets paid but it is not about earning loads of money. It’s about helping children, it’s their primary aim and you can feel it. The way they treat parents, no parent shaming or blaming, and they really look at the child and give a child specific treatment. The food that is left at the end of day at the eating school is given to an organisation that provides it to people who need it. They are about giving back to society and trying to make it a better place.

We are really glad to get to know these people. I can even say that they have changed me as a person, being more empathic, trying to enjoy life more, giving back, and helping other people if it is within my limits. My husband is happy with these changes as well. As mentioned before, they have a special place in our hearts.

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