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NoTube Eating school day 10 (chapter 2)

We found out that Elodie’s molars are coming through. Which may explain why she is rather short-tempered the last few days.

Elodie woke up quite often last night, so it was difficult to get her out of bed this morning. I sounded the alarm for 5 minutes, but she didn’t mind at all. Eventually she woke up a bit before 9 o’clock and we rushed to NoTube. We are probably staying closest to NoTube, yet we are almost always the last family to arrive.

She ate quite a few new things today: chocolate lolly, milk, buttery bread, Sachertarte. She won’t eat big amounts, it’s more snacking and trying. But when compared to last year it’s already a big difference. Last year she wouldn’t even look at food let alone eat it. So today was a really good day. Every day we are making little steps and I try to control my anxiety further.

I think the biggest step for me the past weeks is letting go of the eating a bit more. I hardly feed her during the meals anymore. During the day she doesn’t eat much, but she tastes different foods. We found out that she prefers to eat back at the apartment, where she will eat the bigger amount of food. From last year’s eating school we already knew that she was more of an evening eater. I only feed her when I see that it’s okay for her, so no pressure.

My husband concluded that this time the end of the NoTube eating school brings us more closure. We have a good feeling, and we are okay to leave.

Last year we still felt so powerless and emotional, we were in a very bad state. Over these past months with NoTube’s guidance we have improved so much, not only Elodie, but us parents as well, as a family. It was not easy, and there have been many breakdowns.

Being at NoTube this time and comparing to how it was just 9 months ago is a big difference. I didn’t feel or see it that much until now. This trip was very healing for us as a family.

For us there is no doubt that the NoTube team is number 1 in the world. They treat us like capable human beings, no parent blaming, and they have a child specific therapy approach. They are so knowledgeable about eating disorders in young children, and even in tube weaning for older children and adults. We feel really grateful to have had therapy from them.

We have had many heart to hearts, and it doesn’t feel like the cold doctor and patient relationship you normally have, at least what we have experienced locally. The NoTube team has a special place in our hearts.

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