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Woensel Wereldkeukens – takeaway

We stumbled upon Woensel Wereldkeukens in Eindhoven while I was searching Social Deal for a nice deal.

I really wanted to eat sushi and this restaurant has good reviews. It is a bit further from our house, but it’s really close to ‘Speelpark de Splinter’. As the weather was good we went there for a while and Elodie could have some fun at this playground.

She didn’t want to stay outside as long as I expected she would be. Guess she isn’t a winter person either! But it gave me some sushi pick up timing issues.

Luckily they allowed me to pick up the sushi immediately, which was about 1.5 hours earlier than planned. I was really happy to hear that, that’s great service.

There is plenty of parking space in front of the restaurant which is quite convenient. The prices for parking aren’t that high in Woensel winkelcentrum.

I couldn’t find the elevator, so I had to take the stairs while carrying Elodie because she didn’t feel like walking. I got quite some exercise, but the stairs are pretty high, and I was a bit afraid to fall down with a toddler in my arms.

My sushi was finished in 7 minutes which was great. I really didn’t want to take the stairs down with a big bag of sushi and a 2-year-old, so I asked where the elevator was. I wished they would have mentioned it themselves after seeing me looking for an elevator. After searching a bit in the dark restaurant, one of the delivery guys showed me where it was.

It’s unbelievable what a big impact COVID-19 has on this industry. The big restaurant was dark and unused. They can only sell sushi and Chinese take away food now. I can’t imagine the losses they have to incur.

Anyhow, the sushi was great and we finished everything. I also bought 3 extra coupons as they can be used until the end of May next year. Instead of 45 euros I paid 27 euros for 58 pieces which is quite a bargain. They can also deliver it to your house. € 2.50 or € 5.00, if you live within a radius of 5 km or 10 km of the restaurant.

We really liked the sushi and it is a bargain, so we already bought some extra coupons for upcoming months. The deal is available until the end of May.

Woensel Wereldkeukens
Winkelcentrum Woensel 292, 5625 AT, Eindhoven
+3140 298 5986


Food: 7.5
Service: 7

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