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Restaurant Avant-Garde

Avant-Garde is one of the Michelin restaurants in Eindhoven by, owned by chef Johan van Groningen. It is located in the PSV, Phillips stadium with an amazing view on the soccer field.

There is a parking lot around the building and you can park for free as an Avant-Garde guest. It’s also accessible for customers in wheelchairs.

The restaurant is really big and looks modern and clean. The view over the football field is quite amazing. It’s nice to eat out at a place where you normally wouldn’t come. In the hallway towards the restaurant, you see PSV’s history, signed football shirts, and pictures of the players and teams.

There weren’t many guests for lunch. I assumed that more business people would eat here.

The food was quite good, and the dishes were eye candy. But we expected a bit more excitement, more flavours and textures. It was good, just a bit safe.

It felt a a bit weird eating out as ‘new parents, knowing you still have a baby at home. We were a bit on the clock, but everything was served on time. Personnel was very friendly and we had a good time.

Food: 7+
Service: 7.5

Restaurant Avant-Garde
Frederiklaan 10D, 5616 NH Eindhoven
+31 40 250 5640


Update: Avant-Garde lost its Michelin star in 2019 and is run by a different team now.

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