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Today was a good day <3

We went to the Tilburgse Kermis today and for dinner Elodie choose KFC over some burger restaurant.

When we wanted to go outside with our order she pointed out that she wanted to take a seat. We were surprised because initially she was in a hurry to go to the go carts.

Our surprise was even bigger when she started to eat… a lot! For her standards, of course. But still, the menu’s fries were finished, and we had to buy another serving. We ate a bit too, but I think it was about 1 serving she ate in total. Next to that, she finished all her cheese, her entire bottle of apple juice and tried some other things.

When she just started learning to eat we found out that she liked quiet fine dining restaurants, where people are really socializing and savoring their meals.

Going to fast food chains was a disaster, it is too crowded, too noisy and chaotic. She wouldn’t eat at all, and it was terrible to be there in general. She would trash her food, make a mess, and it ended nowhere near her mouth. Not only that, she wouldn’t even stay seated. This was the first time that we ate at a fast food chain, and she was so calm and collected, and most importantly she was eating the entire 45 minutes until she was feeling full.

We absolutely didn’t expect Elodie to eat something seeing the last few months, as she has been sick all the time.

Finally, seeing her eat again and the progress she has made is really priceless. Our days can’t be compared to ‘normal’ families, but we are able to go outside without the stress and anxiety of counting calories and worrying about her lack of food intake. To be able to go out and have fun, that is something we couldn’t even have imagined 2 years ago.

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