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NoTube Eating school day 10

The days go by too fast, only two days to go! We don’t want to go home yet. It’s so nice to be there as a family, being around people who understand your problems, and not having to think about cooking and cleaning. The children are happy and playing with each other. Most of the families have never had a holiday after their child, with an eating disorder, was born. There is so much stress and worries, surviving every day. This was our first time away since Elodie was born.

Another mum from New Zealand and I shared our anxieties, for instance not driving too far when our kids are in the car, or not driving on the high way. It was good to know I was not the only one being a bit lost.

We would love to see our kids eating enormous amounts of food, but that can’t be established in 2 weeks. The steps they make will lead the way to more normal eating habits. We need to be patient and have faith and trust in our child.

One of the kids who’s little sister is at the eating school for therapy had jelly beans, and Elodie loved them. We were a bit afraid of the size at first, but Elodie doesn’t always swallow them. She likes to bite them and then take them out of her mouth and give it to us. I guess that’s a good beginning, those beans have lots of different tastes.

Elodie and her best friend Dominik

We are still so tired in the afternoon that most of the days we fall asleep as well when Elodie has her nap. During some down time in the morning we went to the botanical garden again, 2 streets away from NoTube. Domink, Mirka’s son, has been to the botanical garden with us. Elodie totally adores him. He is a very sweet, well mannered boy, so gentle. There was a group of elderly ladies who were saying what a lovely family we are. Nice compliment, but we are busy enough with one child for now.

As the weather here is still great, 21 degrees Celsius, the surroundings look lovely. The autumn nature colours, the piles of clean leaves. In the Netherlands the weather is so rainy that all the leaves have decomposed already and everything looks so grey and sad. We took some nice family pictures.

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