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The Jane**

The Jane is a two Michelin Star restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium. The area used to be a hospital and recovery place for military. Currently, it houses around 400 families.

Nick Bril and Sergio Herman closed their restaurant Oud Sluis to start The Jane in 2014 on the ground floor of a repurposed military hospital chapel. Only 8 months after opening the restaurant they received their first star.

We were quite lucky, we received a dining voucher from my parents in law when they had one star. By the time we went to the Jane they had two stars.

Amazing interior
Piet Boon designed the interior of the restaurant, and the dining room is illuminated by a 900 kg starburst chandelier. The kitchen is in the spot where the altar once stood.

The big lit up skull in the back of the restaurant is also an interesting piece. I haven’t seen something that daring in fine dining restaurants. It suits their ‘fine dining meets rock ’n roll” vision.

DJ booth
Even going to the toilet was quite an experience. You take the elevator down, and you hear electronic music from the DJ booth, which could be played by Nick himself. It also looks really luxurious with an eye for detail.

We were seated at the bar, where we could look into the kitchen. This was very nice to experience, the staff is so organized and work very well together.

Perfect dishes
The food is sophisticated and displays highly skilled cooking, the dishes are like little artworks. Everything was so well-balanced, the flavours, the textures, it was just perfect. We absolutely loved it!

It’s the best restaurant we have been too so far. According to my husband they can compete with 3 Michelin Star restaurants. They definitely earn their spot on the World’s top 50 restaurants list.

Reserve well in advance
We understand why you need to book well in advance to be able to eat here.

We also liked that there were international cooks working at the restaurant, they were mostly speaking English with each other.


Food: 9.5
Service: 8

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