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Mommy’s food – Mama Anita

I got acquainted with Mommy’s food thanks to my friend who lives in Empel. Three mothers cook food on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Vietnamese, Surinamese and Moroccan).

You place your order on the Instagram chat and state at which time you want it, and they will tell you whether that slot is still available. There are parking spots in front of the house which is quite convenient.

We have been buying Surinamese food from Mama Anita (Rosmalen, the Netherlands), and it is so good! We have had the kroketjes, bami and nasi, and I just can’t stop eating until I am about to explode. The ‘roze flensjes’ were not my thing, but my husband really liked it.

I have even been planning my meet ups on a Saturday, so I can pick up food from Mama Anita. That’s how much we like it. The prices are really friendly, and sometimes we buy it for the day after (we are not the only ones doing this).

Our toddler calls Mommy Anita, the ‘buy food from the cooking auntie’. This time she actually ate a bit of fried rice, and she liked it. Every new thing that Elodie eats is a big step for us and her.

We will soon be trying the other Mommy’s food as well! Always looking forward to the weekends and the menus.

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