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Martin Auer

While walking towards the city center on our day off we passed a Martin Auer bakery on the Zinzendorfgasse.

This looked like the right place to buy our breakfast while walking towards the city center. We saw a lot of locals going in and sitting in the restaurant.

I was hoping for a nice salmon witch cream cheese baguette, but unfortunately the sandwiches they sold didn’t appeal to me that much.

We bought a Sachertarte, a cake lolly and another cake of which I forgot the name. It was yellow with some red jam in it.

The Sachertarte was the best one we have eaten so far. It was just the right amount of sweet and flavour. Elodie didn’t really like the cake lolly, neither did we. She actually fed it to the ducks while we weren’t looking. Cheeky little one.

There is a café next to the bakery which is really convenient. There were quite a few guests enjoying their brunch and reading a newspaper.

Nice bakery with good food which is not too expensive.

Food: 7

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