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Karpendonkse Hoeve*

We have been to De Karpendonkse Hoeve multiple times. They usually have some nice Groupon discounts which makes it even better. It is very close from our house, as we live in Eindhoven, it has a private parking lot which makes it very convenient as well.

Michelin star for decades
They have had a Michelin Star since 1979. We started coming here when Peter Koehn and Leo van Eeghem were still working here. After Peter’s retirement the new chef Rob van der Veeken was able to keep the star. Ingrid van Eeghem, Peter’s daughter is the very kind host.

Great location
The restaurant is located in a nice park, you can see a little lake and swans and geese when the weather is nice. The grass is not nicely walkable everywhere due to birds droppings.

The interior looks traditional but it suits the location. We were seated in the sun room. It was nice to sit here because it was too cold to sit outside but here you do have a nice and warm, and you have a fantastic view of the park. We were sitting in a corner, which we requested so other guests wouldn’t be too bothered by us. This was the first time we were going out for dinner since a long time, due to Elodie’s eating problems.

Excellent food
The food was actually less traditional this time, it was more exiting. We liked it very much. The atmosphere is nice, and combined with excellent food it adds us to a wonderful experience. They also serve virgin cocktails. It always makes me very happy if restaurants serve these.

Amazing staff
The staff was very friendly, Elodie received healthy snacks. They didn’t mind Elodie and us walking around in the restaurant between the courses. It’s really spacious which is a benefit. The staff even played peek-a-boo with her. Ingrid comforted me personally that everything was okay, when Elodie was a bit fussy sometimes.

I was overwhelmed and emotional by how nice and supportive the team and Ingrid was. We have been going through such a difficult and dark time with Elodie’s eating problems. She was the first person in a very long time to just be nice to us and comfort us a parents that it was okay to go out for fancy dinner with a toddler.

An Ikea high chair was available for Elodie, there is no diaper change area.

Food: 8-
Child friendly: 9.5

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