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House of Caviar Fine Food

Our toddler with an eating disorder doesn’t eat much but loves caviar. So we started searching for caviar delivery shops in the Netherlands and found House of Caviar.

The variety of caviar and the price-quality ratio is unmatched. Next to that they deliver orders from €100,- and above for free.

The caviar is well packed in a thermos box, with an additional isolating bag with ice blocks. Everything is still nice and cold upon delivery.

Since trying the real deal our toddler doesn’t even want to eat the herring roe anymore. I can’t blame her because it does taste amazing. You can really distinguish the difference in taste and texture between the caviar segments.

Caviar is a hydro-nutritive and anti-aging method that gives softness and silkiness to the skin. Less wrinkles for me and more vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 for Elodie. Sounds good to me!

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