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Cucina del Mondo*

On a lovely sunny day we went to this restaurant in Heerlen. It has its own parking lot which is quite convenient. Servais Tielman opened this restaurant in 2012 and earned its star in 2016.

The restaurant looks fancy but also very modern. Graffiti is seen on the walls, which gives it a nice twist. It’s quite big, and it has a terrace. There is a separate smoking area outside, which is great. No more people smoking at their tables close to others. We were very pleased to see this arrangement.

The dishes were very well-balanced and exciting. Every course tastes good.
One of the courses had a chicken leg, including its claw. We usually don’t see this at restaurants so that was quite interesting. Luckily I have seen my share of such things with my Asian background. They also serve nice virgin cocktails. This always makes my day.

Friendly staff
The staff was very friendly. We explained that we were on the clock because Elodie didn’t go with us. This was not a problem at all. The only thing is that they forgot to ask is for drinks when our glasses were empty.

Food: 8

Update: this restaurant has changed owners in 2019. The restaurant is now called restaurant Graffiti. Servais Tielman is now the owner of Beluga in Maastricht.

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