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Brasserie Manege het Keelven

We had a nice high tea at Brasserie Manege het Keelven in Someren, the Netherlands. It is located in a more rural area but the restaurant and the riding school look quite new and it’s very clean. I can be allergic around riding schools, but didn’t notice anything.

There is a big parking lot next to the manege and restaurant. You do have to walk a few stairs to access the terrace or restaurant. We were able to sit outside and enjoy some sun because the weather was really good. There were a few other guests as well. Some came by bike. The view from the terrace is peaceful, nice and green.

We got two big platters, the first with a selection of hearty foods (sandwiches, hamburgers, mini pizza etc), and the second platter with sweets (scones, cake). We didn’t expect the second platter, so we were quite full already. Luckily the weather was good so we could take it slow, digest some and eat again.

They sell ice cream which our daughter ate quite a lot of, she even tried new ones. There is a little play area with toys and a kitchen. It’s really convenient, as Elodie likes to walk around sometimes, and then come eat again.

After the high tea we walked around the stables and were invited to go inside and watch the horses. We got a nice tour around the stables and were able to pet the horses. Elodie loved it, it was a delight to see her being so happy around the horses.

The staff was friendly, the restaurant is child friendly, the food was good, and the horses are wonderful to see. We had a great day and definitely plan to come back again. They plan special activities for families and children which are mentioned on their website and Facebook page.

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