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BbyB chocolate

We were gifted the haute cuisine BbyB chocolate box by my parents in law, which wasn’t the first time. Due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns we have been deprived of good Belgium Chocolates and other foods. And that thing they say about Belgium having the best chocolates, well it is true. It’s divine.

What started as a dessert in the Michelin-starred restaurant Bartholomeus became BbyB: assorted chocolates that, as well as pralines, consists of boobies, babeluttes, pastes bars of very high quality that taste very multidimensional (intense, playful or smooth) and sophisticated.

The box is filled with 5 or 10 sleeves, each with five chocolate pralines in unique flavours. Not just chocolate, but haute couture chocolate made in Belgium. I really like the soft filling with flavours like violet, rhubarb, passion fruit etc of the little chocolate blocks. It feels light and fresh because of the filling, unlike many traditional pralines which can be bought in the Netherlands. These normally are chocolates with chocolate filling and are very heavy.

At BbyB you can choose from one of the pre-selected collections or compile your own box from over 20 available flavours. You enjoy chocolate and confectionery elegance, prepared by Michelin chef Bart Desmidt and master chocolatier Jan Verleye.

Unfortunately the chocolate blocks are a bit smaller when compared to our last batch from a while ago, yet the prices didn’t change. The flagship store is in Bruges, but there are more outlets in Belgium, for instance Brasschaat, and Antwerp.

BbyB chocolates
Sint-Amandsstraat 39, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
+32 (0) 50 705 760

Chocolates: 9

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