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Zarzo* – takeaway

It’s a crazy world we are currently living in. Many countries are going into lock down due to the Coronavirus. Life is not what we are used to: we must stay home and only go outside if strictly necessary, no going out for dinner, no going out for other amusement, work from home, the kids cannot go to school and many public places are closed.

For us it’s not such a big difference, due to Elodie’s eating problems we are used to staying at home and not socializing. We just to say that it’s difficult and people didn’t understand our isolation. Well, now the whole world does!

We were lucky to get our hands on this Zarzo deal when the lock down just started. The delivery was 3 euros, and the 3-course menu was around 20 euros a person. We have been to the restaurant multiple times, so it was pretty exciting to try this. As it’s located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, it’s quite close to our house.

The carpaccio and the Indonesian main course was superb. My husband ordered the cocos soup was pretty good as well, a bit spicy, the ravioli was okay but I liked the Indonesian course better.

We didn’t have to alter much to the dishes, my husband only forgot to put the fruit jam on his dessert. Lucky me had just enough fruit jam, otherwise it would have been a bit too little.

It looked a bit simple, not as fancy as in the restaurant, but the food tasted excellent.

Food: 7.5

Bleekweg 7, 5611 EZ Eindhoven
+31 40 211 7700


Update: we were lucky to order when the deal just appeared. After a few weeks, the courses became a little less appealing, and they were upselling for ‘better’ dishes. Which is a smart move. Also, they don’t deliver it any more, you have to go pick up your order and the price has increased.

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