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Restaurant Wiesen*

Wiesen is located in the centre of Eindhoven. There are many parking areas close by. Yuri Wiesen earned his star in 2015.

The restaurant looks modern and light. Due to the good weather we were able to sit outside on the terrace. The restaurant is located in a shopping street with many restaurants, so it was quite entertaining to sit outside. The restaurant itself is quite narrow and not that big, so Elodie wouldn’t be able to walk around. Now, she could walk on the street and do some window shopping.

Every course from friandise to dessert was magnificent. We enjoyed every course. This does not happen very often. The flavours and ingredients were exciting and well balanced.

Child friendly
The waitress was very friendly. She was very kind to Elodie. At one point Elodie dropped a plate on the floor and it broke. She cleaned it up and told us not to worry.

Elodie was playing and eating the butter on the fresh bread, which she liked very much. Then, a bit of butter was dropped on our neighbour’s leather coat. Luckily the lady was very kind and told us it was okay, and these things happen. We were so embarrassed! The tables are pretty close together.

Elodie got an Ikea high chair. It had a little piece of leftover food in a corner, but I could easily clean it up. I didn’t have time to go to the toilet, but I assume there is no diaper change area (like most fine dining restaurans).


Food: 8.5
Child friendly: 8

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