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Bar & Restaurant Vestdijk47

Vestdijk47 has been one of our go-to restaurant for a couple of years already. It’s located in the city centre and there is a parking lot under the hotel and another one next to it. They offer free parking which is perfect.

Vestdijk47 is located in the Pullman Hotel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and it’s very spacious. I have had work related workshops here as well, and was really surprised with the high quality food at very friendly prices.

When Elodie was little we took her toy car, so she could ride it in the hallway towards the side of the entrance. We have also taken the elevator up and down multiple times, just for fun. She likes to watch herself in the mirrors.

Great food and friendly prices
I love going to restaurants in winter because of the wild menus and the rich and deep flavours. The main menu consisted of deer, and it was just magnificent. I loved it. They also serve cocktails which is great. There is also a bar area where they serve drinks.

Normally friendly staff
Until this time, all staff had always been extremely friendly and helpful. They always give pencils and a sheet so kids can draw, you can keep this. One time we got an extra ice cream for Elodie. The waiters were very kind, didn’t mind us walking around in the restaurant.

This time, the lady helping us was moody when we arrived. After multiple unfriendly incidents, which we were quite upset about. She later wrote on the bill that she wished us a happy new year, and she would like to see us back. I guess her way of apologizing. So we let it go, otherwise I was going to ask for the manager.

There is an Ikea high chair, but no diaper change area. You can take along some toys and play around in one of the more remote hallways or areas if your child needs a break.

Food: 7.5
Child friendly: 7.5

Bar & Restaurant Vestdijk47
Vestdijk 47, 5611 CA Eindhoven
+31 40 232 6134

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