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Restavracija Strelec*

Restavracija Strelec is located in Ljubljana Castle’s charming Shooters’ Tower. It offers an experience of authentic historical ambience with top-quality Slovenian cuisine combining the best of the past and present. It was the first restaurant we tried in Ljubljana.

Taste of history
The menus are created with the help of top ethnology professor Dr Janez Bogataj. Historically reminiscent dishes which are modernized are crafted with ingredients from Igor Jagodic.

It is possible to walk towards the castle, there is a long (30 minutes) and a short (10 minutes) route. Also, there is a funicular which costs 4 euro per person for a 2 way ticket. Elodie wasn’t charged.

We didn’t have a stroller with us, and we wanted to get up there quick and without any fuzz, so we took the funicular. The trip wasn’t that long but the view was nice from in top. We’ve noticed many Asian tourist groups. This time it was a Korean group. A couple was saying how cute Elodie is and wanted to take a picture of her.

Dinner with a view

Dinner in the tower
It was a bit difficult to find the restaurant at first because it is more towards the backside of the castle. After asking around we managed to find it. In the tower you can take the elevator or steps towards the restaurant.

Since we have a child, whom we always take with us, we didn’t want to go overboard with the amount of courses. We took a 5-course tasting menu for 57 euros, and mentioned that we wanted to finish within 2 hours. This was no problem at all.

We have experienced that this is the perfect amount of time to be able to enjoy dinner as much as possible without the little one being totally bored and annoyed.

Nice view
The view over the city was lovely. It was interesting to see that much of the inside of the Castle’s restaurant was still preserved. It really gave the dinner in a castle feeling. We were actually fantasizing about how life would be back then. As we were the first guests to arrive they gave us the table with the best view. And it was lovely indeed.


Well-balanced flavours
We really enjoyed all the served courses. Elodie was also eating whatever she found interesting. Some crisps, or artichoke chips, and the trout from the main course. The tastes and products they put together were quite exciting and daring, which was a very pleasant surprise. The main dish specifically was outstanding, the wild caught fish filet and roe deer with beetroot were deliciously prepared. The dessert was a bit on the sweet side but very tasty nonetheless.

Friendly staff
The staff was really child friendly. Elodie had a comfortable high chair. There been another couple with a little baby in her cot. We did have to watch out for the open staircase in the dining area, when Elodie was walking around in between meals. I saw some glass splinters on the floor which I asked them to clean up. It was difficult to see though. They immediately cleaned it thoroughly. In the middle of the restaurant there is a partial glass floor through which you can see the wine cellar.

Food: 7.5
Child friendly: 7

STRELEC Restaurant
Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Sloveniƫ
+386 31 687 648


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