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This is the second time we have been at this restaurant. Definitely make sure to reserve a table on time because it is fully booked quite often. Parking is a bit more difficult as it is in Antwerp. Luckily there is a big indoor garage in the area.

This time we got a table. When eating 6 courses, this is much more relaxing than sitting at the bar. Somehow I always feel rushed when sitting at a bar. We sat close to the door, so when people were entering our leaving you could feel a gush of wind and cold.

Healthy vegetables
All the courses were very good again. For people who like to eat healthy, and love lots of perfectly prepared veggies, this is the restaurant for you. My husband really loves this restaurant.

I was happy to see that there was more fish and meat on my plate, and a bit fewer vegetables when compared to last time. Maybe due to winter the flavours were more deep and intense. That’s more up my alley!

The meat and fish courses were well-balanced. I asked them to keep the sauce on the table which was not a problem at all. Usually I end up with no sauce and still some meat left.

Staff was friendly and professional. The restaurant was fully booked.

Food: 8-
Service: 7

Update: Nathan has received their first Michelin Star in 2019.

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