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We went to MOS in Amsterdam this time. This restaurant is located close to Amsterdam Central Station.

Parking per hour
We decided to go by car because the restaurant would just be a few metres away from the parking garage Ijdok. If you reserve beforehand it’s 10 euro a day, otherwise it’s 5 euro for an hour. Unfortunately they charge by the hour, which I find a rip off. We parked for 2 hours and 3 minutes and paid 15 euros. I still rather go by car than by public transport.

Great view
The restaurant has big windows which gives a fantastic view of ‘t IJ. You can see the ships passing and the birds flying around. After our third course I showed Elodie the view. It was like opening the box of Pandora. She didn’t want to do anything else any more.

Many changes
We had to delay our lunch by 45 minutes because Elodie was eating very slow at home. But she was eating steadily, and she needs the calories, so we called the restaurant. Upon arrival, we were greeted by co-owner Henry Pattiwael van Westerloo. He wasn’t very welcoming or inviting, but rather neutral. Maybe because we were 40 minutes late, but we called beforehand. Also, my sister’s reservation didn’t come through via www.heerlijk.nl. When my sister was hesitating to give her coat, he told us it was a restaurant policy to give the coats.

We were guided to a table on the first floor. The table was in the back of the restaurant, so we couldn’t see the boats. They didn’t provide a high chair. But as it was a large semi round table with a velvet couch it was fine for Elodie. It’s not like she eats much anyway. The interior looked modern and relaxing the prefect vibe to go with the amazing view.

We booked a four-course lunch for 35 euro, and we took the additional fish course for 10 euro. Amazingly cheap for a one-star restaurant. Unfortunately, they don’t serve (non-alcoholic) cocktails. There were 4 other tables with guests varying in ages. Also, there was a very casually dressed guy sitting alone at a table. This was nice to see, I don’t like snobby places.

Focus on fish
In comparison there were more fish dishes, only the main menu contained beef. All courses were perfectly prepared with enough sauce. I like that they provide plenty sauce because I hate it when I still have meat or fish left without sauce. Due to winter, the dishes had more deep and intense flavours. That’s why I love going out for dinner in the winter! They used exotic herbs and flavours for the dishes. The only remark would be that the dishes were a bit traditional and safe. I expected a broader range of tastes per dish to offset other flavours, a bit more excitement. To be honest, I expect to be surprised by the dishes served at a Michelin star restaurant, and at MOS I wasn’t.

I do find it very difficult to remember the entire explanation about the dishes also at other restaurants. My sister voice records this, so she can listen back which is pretty smart.

Nice staff
The personnel was professional and neat. The other owner, Egon van Hoof, came by to welcome us he was very friendly, and seemed a bit shy even. Henry, warmed up to us as well. When we left we forgot Elodie her scarf and her baby doll. A waitress came down for us to bring it while we didn’t even know that we had lost it yet. She told us that they double check those tables before guests leave because of the lay out. It’s easy to forget stuff if it fell on the floor.

They didn’t interact much with Elodie, but they were kind. Elodie was walking on their velvet couch bare feet, and we were often standing before the big window to look at the birds, and boats passing by.
When leaving the waitress was standing with Elodie’s coat, so she could walk into it. That was quite lovely to see.

Food: 7
Child Friendly: 7.5

IJdok 185, 1013 MM Amsterdam
+31 20 638 0866

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