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Along the riverside is this lovely Instagram worthy pastry café. It’s possible to sit inside and outside on the terrace with a nice view over the bridge. It has so much eye candy with its high painted ceilings and the special built cases with delicious art like cakes, chocolates, gourmets and teas. They also make award-winning cocktails.

Sweets for my sweet

Lots of choice
We bought some chocolate mouse cake, tiramisu, sugar candy and a pink strawberry chocolate lolly for Elodie. There was a bit of confusion initially, because the lady thought we wanted to take it home, but we wanted to eat it in the café. That was resolved quickly. Elodie was a bit confused, she thought the lolly was ice cream because it looked like a little magnum. That was quite funny to see.

Nice staff
A bit later she decided that she wanted a chocolate lolly instead. Elodie was urging us to buy it standing in front of all the show cased sweets. The lady behind the counter gave it to her for free. That was a really lovely gesture. It made our day.

The cakes were very good and not too sweet. So you didn’t feel like your teeth were decaying after eating.

A very nice pastry café with nice child friendly employees and a beautiful view of the city centre of Ljubljana.

Food: 7
Child friendly: 9

Lolita Cankarjevo nabrežje
1000, Cankarjevo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 590 16299

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