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JB Restaurant*

JB was on top of my husband’s list. Truth is, it was the best restaurant we have tried in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This family owned restaurant has been serving fresh and high quality foods for over 25 years.

One of world’s best restaurant
Later I found out that they are one of world’s best restaurants. It was very obvious why! Janez Bratovž sure knows how to give a modern twist to more traditional recipes. The aromas, textures and colours of each dish are amazing.

It was close to our apartment which was a big plus. The restaurant looked modern and classy. The chairs and sofa were very comfortable. The personnel spoke perfect English and didn’t miss a beat in serving us.

Beef cubes

We went for a 5-course fish menu and a meat menu for me. Both were 60 euros a person. Quite interesting that they have a separate fish and meat menu. They also serve a larger course tasting menu, which we would have loved if we didn’t tag along a toddler who can’t sit still for a long period of time.

The greetings of the kitchen were very tasty. One of the greetings was actually a little ball of butter which my husband wasn’t aware of. The look on his face when he had it in his mouth was priceless!

Great food
We really loved the beef cubes, the langoustine with shrimps, and the white fish. These were amazing. The tastes blend together perfectly. Just the right mix for it to be extremely well-balanced. The cuisine is more traditional in terms of ingredients, and it is a French cuisine with Slovenian elements. What they create is just perfection.

Very child friendly
They have the Ikea high chair which isn’t Elodie’s favourite, but she stayed put during the courses, so we can’t complain. While she was waking around she was touching the mirrored closet with her dirty little hands, and the waiters never said a thing, they were still nice and all.

Elodie was eating very good here, trying lots of different foods. Of course, she didn’t eat much, but at least she tried. For her the amount was substantial. Elodie loved the fried maple leaves and the chef made some extra especially for her! This was just so sweet. This only made it worth the experience already.

JB 2 days in a row
The next day we were contemplating where we should go out for dinner, and we wanted to go somewhere simple. But looking at other restaurants and their prices it still came close to what JB offers. After a walk around town we decided to go to JB again.

The restaurant was fully booked, and we didn’t reserve. Lucky there was a table close to the entrance which was perfect because there is more space for Elodie to wander around. We were contemplating to order à la carte, but decided to take the menus again. Raf and I switched some courses to try new things. To be honest, he allowed me to eat the course from every menu which I liked best.

When we got our greetings from the kitchen, they even served a few fried maple leaves for Elodie and later served her a fried shrimp. She really loved it and ate it. This was just an amazing gesture.

Little miss messy

As you can see going out with a child with an eating disorder is quite challenging. She had cookies, chips and candy all over the table, whatever is needed for her to eat. Sometimes this makes me feel bad but here in Ljubljana they were all very sweet about it. Nobody made me feel bad or guilty about it.

Later that evening apparently a Belgian celebrity (Peter van de Veire) came in to have dinner with his family. During Elodie’s walk she wanted to see their baby. She was allowed to have a look and I had a chat with his wife. Elodie called his adult daughter a baby as well, which they luckily all found very funny. Raf told me later on that the man is famous in Belgium.

Amazing experience
They actually made some food for her without charging us, and we didn’t even ask for it. And they remembered that she liked the fried texture and gave her something new to try. This really made us fell in love with the restaurant and its team. We were very happy with our choice to come here again.

Food: 9
Child friendly: 9

JB Restaurant
Miklošičeva cesta 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 430 70 70


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