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Het Koetshuis*

We have been here in the summer as well, we were looking forward to try their winter menu. It’s one of the restaurants where we wanted to dine again before our little sprout will arrive. It has a private parking lot in front of the restaurant which is perfect.

Saskia and Danny Löhr are the owners of Het Koetshuis in Bennekom, the Netherlands, and the Michelin Star was received in 1998.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful forest ‘Veluwe bossen’. We didn’t see much of it as it was dark already when we arrived. We actually took a wrong turn because the streets aren’t well lit, which is understandable as it is in a forest.

The restaurant is quite large which is nice. I don’t like to sit very close to other people. We were seated in front of a fire place, which was quite nice and cosy. It was a bit dim though. Which is fine for the atmosphere but a bit difficult to make nice photos. The Christmas decorations gave the restaurant a nice touch.

Lovely terrace
During the summer there is a lovely terrace, with a magnificent view. It is so peaceful and romantic. I think this is my favourite restaurant terrace.

Great food
The courses were are all excellent. We had a six-course menu, and we liked everything that was served. At the end of the evening we were very full. They definitely don’t serve tiny portions.

Cocktails & Gin tonics
The best part is that they serve great alcohol free cocktails. This always makes me very happy. You can even choose from several fruity flavours, and they were garnished like gin tonics. Love, love, love. I think I had 3 virgin cocktails.

Friendly staff
Staff was very nice. We booked via www.groupon.nl, but the waiters were all very friendly and sometimes even a bit funny. We felt very welcome and at ease again. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere.


Food: 8.5
Service: 8

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