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I think we have been to Divine most often during our stay in Ljubljana.

Breakfast till dinner
This was our place for breakfast most of the days, the prosciutto toast and their virgin Piña colada were pretty good. Yes, I had a virgin cocktail for breakfast. Why not, right? I saw people drinking beer in Ljubljana for breakfast!

Sensory wall

Elodie was eating the toast, which was one of the first times she actually ate bread. So we’ve bought a toast machine for our home as well.

Ice cream
Actually we have also bought their lemon ice cream daily. After my husband and I bought ice cream, we found out she really loved the lemon flavour ice cream. From our apartment my husband would be back in 10 minutes if we ran out of ice cream and Elodie still wanted some. The things you do for your kids.

Very friendly
The owner and his mother were very sweet for Elodie, and very friendly in general. They would both carry her around and talk to her a lot, calling her darling.

He told me he has 2 daughters himself, how much he adores them, and that he was glad he has girls. His brother’s boots are trouble. One of them is just a few months old. He works pretty long hours daily.

Waiting for breakfast

It’s us again
The first time we went there the entire restaurant was full because there was a marathon that day. The day after we went again and it’s nice that they recognised us, and asked if we wanted the same breakfast.

We didn’t get a high chair, but Elodie enjoyed sitting in the couch and on the chair. As we didn’t stay for hours or was okay. What we’ve also noticed is that this restaurant always has the most customers sitting outside when we walk by. Besides the good food the terrace provides a nice view over the river.

Food: 7
Child friendly: 9

Cankarjevo nabrežje 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 49 508 466

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