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Dijk 9

This restaurant is located in the outskirts of the city centre of Eindhoven. There area quite some parking spaces on the streets. We were always able to park close by.

The interior looks pretty cosy. Tables are quite close together, and there is a terrace for the warmer days. Everything is on the ground floor which is quite convenient.

The dishes were well-prepared and tasted very good. Out of the 5-course menu there were a bit too many vegetarian courses. It was a surprise menu, so we didn’t know in advance. Due to the season they used corn in the courses, which was something different. I liked it.

Child friendly
The waiters were very friendly. One of them just became a first time dad as well and talked a bit about fatherhood.
There is no diaper change area. There was an Ikea high chair for Elodie. I did see a little bit leftover food in the chair.

Elodie really liked the creamy light butter that was served. The waiter was so kind to bring us an extra one so she could eat it some more.

It wasn’t a problem to serve our courses within 2 hours. They were totally friendly about that.

One time we were sitting outside on the terrace, a couple next to us was smoking heavily. Like one cigarette after the other. We had Elodie with us, and the smoke was killing me already. Unfortunately there is no separate smoking area outside, so we took Elodie for a walk quite often.

Food: 7
Child friendly: 7.5

Stratumsedijk 9, 5611 NA Eindhoven
+3140 212 2355


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