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De Lindehof**

This 2 star Michelin restaurant is located in a village named Nuenen, in the Netherlands. A 24 minute drive from Eindhoven if you use the correct address. Initially my husband used Lindehof, Nuenen, which brought us to another location, 4 minutes away from the restaurant.

It was a bit difficult to find a parking spot close to the restaurant. Most were taken already. But we found one across the street eventually. We didn’t know what the blue line next to the parking space meant. But we were reassured by the waitress that it was okay to park there on a Sunday. We were also lucky to not have any issues yet with storm ‘Dennis’.

Fully booked
It was already pretty crowded in the restaurant. My sister told me last weekend that they were fully booked on Sunday for lunch, so I expected it already. She made the reservation via www.heerlijk.nl and it was 84 euro for a 5-course lunch. A lunch is more convenient for us with Elodie’s daily routine.

Seaweed crisp

Modern interior
The restaurant has a modern interior and it’s not too big. It has just enough tables to still be able to walk around comfortably. You had to be careful not to bump into staff because there were quite a few waiters and waitresses working. There is a possibility to book the chef’s table in the kitchen itself.

Touch of Surinamese-Hindu
The owner, Soenil Bahadoer came by our table to greet us. He was very kind and was smiling a lot which made us feel very welcome. His Surinamese-Hindu roots were present in his dishes. I am lucky to say that I am very familiar to the Surinamese cuisine, and many dishes, products or spices were very familiar. It was a trip to memory lane.

The sea bass ceviche and the dish with langoustine were magnificent! Also, the course with duck was amazing. It was good to see that there plenty tasty treats with the coffee. Oh, and they have virgin cocktails. Not the elaborate ones, but a nice refreshing cocktail with bubbles.

Friendly staff
The staff was very friendly. Elodie wasn’t having a good day because she didn’t want to eat in the morning, so she was quite grumpy. I think she is entering toddler puberty, which contains screaming when agitated, upset, needing help etc. So we weren’t the easiest guests. Yet the staff was very friendly and accommodating, making us feel welcome. The other guests in the restaurant was very nice as well. We got a few looks in the beginning, but I didn’t hear any snarly comments about bringing a toddler to the restaurant.

I also liked that the staff was a mix of middle aged and twenty-ish females and men. The atmosphere was very refreshing.

We were a bit surprised when we received the bill that we got a water arrangement instead of the usual pay per bottle. My husband was joking that he would drink more of he had known.

Child friendly
We received a wooden high chair for Elodie. It was quite comfortable for her because it’s bigger than most high chairs, it didn’t make her feel confined. They offered a plate for Elodie’s sweets and snacks but I said it was okay, because I was afraid she would throw it on the floor. Elodie was walking around for quite a period of time, and that was okay. There was not much space for Elodie to play, so we were mainly at the back at the restaurant in Feb of the toilets. Otherwise we would be in the way.

There is no diaper change area in the restaurant. The young waiter helped Elodie in her coat and zipped it. That was very cute to see. He made sure Elodie’s balloon was in order and wanted to fix it. While opening the door for us when we were leaving, the wind was really hard, and he almost flew outside. That was really funny!

Food: 9+
Child friendly: 7.5

Restaurant De Lindehof
Beekstraat 1, 5671 CS Nuenen, Nederland
+31 40 283 73 36


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