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Dadawan is located in the city centre of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It’s convenient to go by car because there is a big garage in the shopping mall next to this Asian fusion restaurant.

No reservations
It’s not possible to make a reservation. If it is busy you need to wait in line. Generally, you don’t have to wait that long, the line moves pretty quick. There are many seats and tables in the restaurant and you also see children of all ages.

Lobster aquarium
The restaurant looks new and up to date. In the entrance ‘hall’ there is an aquarium with lobsters. Elodie liked to watch those as we were waiting. If you sit in the back of the restaurant you can see people shopping in the mall.

Great price quality
We have been here multiple times already. The price quality ratio is good. We normally spend around 120 to 150 euros for 4 persons, and we order a lot, because what we don’t finish we take home in a dodgy bag. Our favourites: burger, steak, bibimbap, the noodle soup and the lobster. They also serve sushi and other smaller dishes. The best part is that they have virgin cocktails!

Very convenient
It’s nothing fancy, but very convenient after a day of shopping or when you want to go for a family dinner and you don’t want to wait too long to finally eat.

So when taking the kids this is a good restaurant, especially if they can remain seated for a longer period of time. For Elodie, it was a bit difficult because she likes to walk around a bit because she can’t sit still that long. With the very hot dishes they serve and the high working pace it’s a bit dangerous for a toddler to walk around. We have noticed that during lunchtime it’s less of a problem because it’s not that busy.

The personnel mostly speaks English, and most of them are not particularly friendly. When asking more information about some dishes some even said they didn’t know because they have never tried it.

There are ikea high chairs available, but there is no diaper change area. I still haven’t figured how the machine works to blow dry my hands. Luckily I have noticed that I wasn’t the only one.

Food: 7-
Child friendly: 6.5

Heuvelgalerij 195, 5611 DK Eindhoven
+31 40 200 1666

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